BETRA has started the production of the factory in Konya at 2015 in order to respond the needs of veterinarians , companies and farms  who serving in the cattle, sheep and poultry sector.

As BETRA our product portfolio are feed additives, licking salt blocks , licking gel buckets and biosecurity products.

BETRA manufactures of the products in order to gain the desired performance and best efficiency in cattle, sheep and poultry animals.By creating the best quality of raw materials with technological mechanization, divide into several classes of its products. It offers in the best way service to the customers in Turkey and different geography  on the worldwide.

As BETRA , our main goals are give a contribution in meet the needs of the animals, the prevention of diseases, ensuring healthy development and effective yield.

The idea is always to have the best with innovative perspective, it is our greatest supporter for our walk as constantly and with determination. At the same time , we provide training courses for newly hired staff , our existing employees and our customers in the scope of our continuous investment in human policy.